Wins and Woes at Wynarka

Have written a short story about the Wynarka event in the Nightly Updates page.

Our members put up a good show over the weekend, and got some good results.

Hopefully these guys will have their vehicles ready for the GRKCC Short Course Event to be held at Mannum, 21/22 September.

I have included in this post the menu from Schirmer Shack Cafe, as they will be providing the catering at our Short Course Event at Mannum, 21/22 September.

Breakfast menu

Egg and Bacon Roll      Extreme Burger      Toasted Sandwiches          Raisin Toast    Hash Browns


Sausage Rolls     Pies     Pasties     Feta Rolls

Fried Foods

Wedges Sour Cream and Sweet Chili Sauce     Chips and Gravy or Garlic Aioli

Chicken Crispy Strips     Battered Savs     Potato Cakes     Chicken Nugget Pack

Calamari Pack     Chico Rolls    Dim Sims Fried or Steamed     Prawn Twisters

Rolls and Burgers

Hamburgers     Crispy Chicken StrIp Burger     Fish Burger     Yiros     Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Special    Hot Chicken /Lamb or Beef Rolls     Salad Roll or Sandwich


Cappuccino     Latte     Mochaccino     Flat white     Long Black     Tea

Hot Chocolate     Assorted Soft Drinks/Diet Drinks     Water

Ice Coffee     Slushies (on request)

Dinner Pack

Lasagna Pack     Smokey BBQ Rib Pack     Chicken Schnitzel Pack (Gravy or Parmi)

Fish and Chip Pack     Specials on the day 

*All packs served with salad and chips or Vegetables

 Extensive gourmet Pizza range

*made fresh on site

 Also available

Hot Cinnamon Donuts    Fried Ice cream   Chocolate hazelnut puffs served with ice cream

Assorted Muffins and slices     Chocolates and lollies

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