Toyo Tires Riverland Enduro

A quick update: of the over 91 entries for this event, 16 crews are from Gawler Road Knights Car Club.

Pro Class:- #28 – Tanner James, #36 – Gary Curtis/Matt Curtis, #37 – Rich Andrews/Jamie Andrews/Lauren Andrews, #45 – Blake Smith/Aaron Johnson, #58 – Ivan Schmocker/Wayne Evans/Matthew Salt, #80 – Toby Reimann/?, #81- James Madden/Paul Frank

Prolite Class:- #126 – Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm, #176 – Sam Daniele, #186 – Lloyd Afford

Super 1650 Class:- #212 – Clive Randall/Curtis Randall, #222 – Jamie Simpson/Geoff Benko, #233 – Graham Tickner/Bodie Tickner, Samuel Tickner, #253 – Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone, #271 – Daniel Cousins/Nick Cousins

These competitors are wished as much luck as possible for a good result at the end of the event. It would be good to show club solidarity by wearing our club hoodies whenever possible over the weekend! See you at the track.

Sorry, late addition. #153 – Brendan Wilson/Adam Spurrier, one of our quieter members is also competing.

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