GRKCC Committee for 2015

The AGM was held in December, and all positions were filled as follows:-

President: John Smith

Vice President: Brett Reimann

Secretary: Ian Mathison

Treasurer: Gary Curtis

Off Road Panel: Bob Temby, Trevor Snow proxy James Madden

SAORRA Reps: Graeme Randall, Ian Mathison proxy Gary Curtis

State Council: Meg Gosden

Committee: James Madden, Paul Frank, Sam Vanstone, Garry Curtis, Lloyd Afford

Track Committee: Sam Vanstone, Toby Reimann, Paul Frank, Peter Cousins, Brett Reimann, Blake Smith, James Madden, Trevor Snow

Publicity Officers: Julie Burridge, Meg Gosden

Memberships are now: Competitor $45
Family $55
Non Competitor $35
Junior $25

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