Fantastic entry list for Toyo Tires Riverland Enduro 2015

The club members have put in a stellar effort to get their vehicles ready for this event, and as of today, there are 17 entries from GRKCC members for the 2015 Toyo Tires Riverland Enduro. This is 1 more than last year, but this year the entries cover 6 classes. #36 Matthew Curtis/Gary Curtis/Jason Lloyd #37 Richard Andrews/ Jamie & Lauren Andrews #45 Blake Smith/Aaron Johnson #86 Toby Reimann/Craig Redding #981 James Madden/Paul Frank #94 Tanner James/Adrien Lucy #1126 Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm #158 Trevor Snow/Julie Burridge/Grant Manion #176 Sam Daniele #212 Clive Randall/Curtis Randall #233 Graham Tickner/Sam & Bodie Tickner #253 Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone #412 Brett Reimann/Steve Hutchinson #455 John Smith/TBA #510 Patrick Garnaut/Peter Garnaut #529 Tyson Read in with Kaine Reid #621 Kim Reid with Kurt Reid Just goes to show how popular the track is.  James Madden, Toby Reimann and Robbie Ward are sporting an altered number, due to National Numbers taking preference over State numbers (even though the National registered competitors were not at this event?), and John Smith is debuting his new machine. The attrition rate at this event can be high, so good luck to our entrants, and I am sure some fantastic racing will be had.

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