mixed results from Toyo Tires Riverland Enduro

11791985_1005769279447215_2260071150595232063_o 11754438_1006386746052135_1944731243741088665_o 11754455_1006380566052753_6823125180359001016_o 11700993_654780107957066_6824928306488234530_o 11239612_484788415020592_504829841241981596_o11741011_1006379732719503_5639629511864677349_o

Here are the finishing competitors in the 3 Laps (Non registered SA
ORRA) section of the recent Riverland Enduro.

They all put in a fantastic effort over the weekend, driving like they stole their vehicles.

More photos can be found in the Gallery section, and a story can be found in the 2015 section of Knightly News

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