ARB Mannum Enduro Section 1 finished for day.

Section 1 at the ARB Mannum Enduro has produced some issues for competitors.

Seems Connor Smith/Blake Smith had similar problems this year to Shannyn Fitzgerald in 2013.

James Madden/Jamie Simpson have had water hose problems and have dropped down in the placings.

Sam Daniele is sitting in 7th position, Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm 10th, Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone 11th, Curtis Randall/Clive Randall 15th, James Madden/Jamie Simpson 17th, and Tim Margitich/Pam Margitich are 21st.

Do not know why John Smith/Treat Carvosso did not start the section today.

They have 7 laps to complete tomorrow – good luck all.

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