Denise Gosden Memorial Ladies and Juniors Enduro

Entry List for event

#256 Jarrah Taylor/Mark Taylor – Cobra Buggy

#93 Lachlan James/Aaron James/Peter Luckraft – Alumicraft

#37 Jamie Andrews/Lauren Andrews – Woftam Buggy

#510 Patrick Garnaut/Peter Garnaut – Datsun

#555 Rachael Hille/Kimberley Hille – Ford F100

#97 Annie Galliford/Sarah Galliford – Jimco

#269 Gillian Ziembinski/Lisa Cowden – Scorpion Buggy

#42 Maree Francombe/Wally Francombe/Belinda Rogers – Rids Racing Frame Joker

#981 Annette Madden/James Madden – Razor Back Racing Frame

#670 Charlie Mieglich/Antony Mieglich – Arctic Cat

#36 Sue Curtis/Matt Curtis – Rhonco Buggy

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