The Loveday 350

Last event for 2016, and the Loveday 350 had attracted a field of 38 entries as of 27th October.

Even though there are no points accumulated at this event, our club has a good showing of 14 entries, and a member in a vehicle from interstate.

#36 Matthew Curtis/Jason Lloyd

#45 Blake Smith/Aaron Johnson

#80 Toby Reimann/Craig Redding

#126 Robbie Ward/Shayne Ramm

#253 Hadyn Vanstone/Sam Vanstone

#412 Connor Smith/John Cook

#422 Bruce Muir/Mark Hendry

# 445 John Smith/Aimee Nicol

#506 Rod Holmes/Tina Holmes

Tyson Read in #529

#584 Tyson Ramm/Daniel & Brian Ramm/Scott Godfrey

#711 Tim Margitich/Pam Margitich

#768 Ben Nixon/Tom Margitich

#621 Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann

#623 Tony Whateley/Doug Carthew

Hope the weather is fine, and good luck to all competitors


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