Vale: Veronica Gower

A special message for you all: On behalf of the Gower/Mann family we thought it was time to say a huge thanks to all our extended family & friends who were able to attend the service and/or afternoon tea for our wife, mother, mother-in-law & grandmother Veronica. She would have been so humbled to see so many people that she knew attend. For those who sent messages, cards, made phone calls etc & those unable to attend due to work or distance to travel, our heartfelt thanks goes to you as well for thinking of us at this time. To the Ladies of the Williamstown Amateur Players who set up the Williamstown Hall so beautifully and provided the afternoon tea, thanks so much for your time, effort and lovely food. The friendship and support from everyone has been wonderful and without great people in our lives, we wouldn’t be able to get through this. If anyone wishes to view the photos used during the service you can go onto the Taylor & Forgie website and watch the Video Tributes. (available for 1 month after service only) Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts for your love & support.

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