Gawler Road Knights Car Club Loveday 250 update

Competitors so far for Gawler Road Knights The Loveday 250 event:- 58 Ivan Schmocker, 108 Geoff March/Ryan March, 134 David Hall/Nathan Hall, 164 Daryl Nissen/Andrew Harness, 166 Mick Fraser/Jason King, 256 Mark Taylor/Ryder Taylor, 266 Mark Battersby/Tyson Battersby, 532 Chris Pickert/Bryan Brown, 621 Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann, 623 Tony Whateley/Doug Carthew, 671 Antony Mieglich/Charlie Mieglich, 6637 Damien Nash/Wayne Cailes/Alex Turner, 6670 Peter Dennis/Peter Jenkins, 711 Tim Margitich/Pam Margitich, 768 Ben Nixon/?

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