Loveday 250, March 25/26 2017

Organizing paperwork is well underway for our upcoming event at the Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park on 25/16 March. Sup Regs have been approved. I am aware that a class has been omitted, and it will be addressed as a Further Reg (submitted, awaiting approval). In light of all the activity surrounding our chosen sport during the off season, as the first event for the 2017 season and  SAORRA series, I am hopeful of enough entries to enable this event to go ahead and allow you the competitors to have a very enjoyable weekend of racing.

If you require an entry form now, email me a request ( and I will send it out. Hopefully all documentation will be up on and shortly. regards Julie.


9. Time Schedule


Friday 24th March 2017
Reconnaissance 2:30 pm No vehicles to START reconnaissance after 3.00pm
Scrutineering 4:00pm – 8:00pm At the Tavern area



Saturday 25th March 2017
Reconnaissance 7:30 am No vehicles to START reconnaissance after 7.45am
Scrutineering 8:00am – 10:00am At the Tavern area
NONSE Lecture 10:20am Compulsory for all single event licenses or OLT competitors
Competitor Briefing 10:40 pm All competing crew to sign on prior to briefing. Briefing is MANDATORY
Prologue 11:00am – 2:00pm Competitors have  2 opportunities to prologue with the quickest time used to set start order
Event Section 1 Start 2.30pm 1 Lap of 35kms
    Competitors reordered in competition order
Event Section 2 Start 4:30pm 2 laps of 35kms
Curfew 11:00 pm This includes noise



Sunday 26th March 2017
Line up vehicles 8:45am Vehicles are not permitted to leave pit area without the Clerk of the Course’s permission
Competitor Briefing 9:15am All competing crew to sign on prior to briefing. Briefing is MANDATORY
Event Section 3 Start 9:30 am 2 Laps of 35kms
Event Section 4 Start 11:30am 2 laps of 35kms
Presentation   As soon as possible after the event

Time Schedule may vary at the clerk of course’s discretion in conjunction with Stewards

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