Filmer Delivery Loveday 250

As at today, 01 April 2018, there are 16 confirmed entries, and 3 pending, for next weekends event.

121 Class 1 bobby pittaway Approved
777 Class 7 Brett Salau-Foster Pending
122 Class 1 Chris Johnson Approved
134 Class 1 David Hall Approved
677 Class 6 David Jackson Approved
281 Class 2 Dean Carter Approved
532 Class 5 Eric English Approved
2531 Class 2 Hadyn Vanstone Approved
622 Class 6 Peta Guidolin Approved
445 Class 4 John Smith Pending
721 Class 7 Matthew Witmitz Approved
585 Class 5 Michael Shipton Approved
234 Class 2 Nick Burt Approved
655 Class 6 Nick Jackson Approved
137 Class 1 Richard Andrews Approved
6606 Class 66 Rod Holmes Approved
252 Class 2 Samuel Vanstone Approved
621 Class 6 Toby Whateley Pending
85 Unlimited Todd Lehmann Approved

With the weather for Adelaide set to be 26 & 29 for the two days of the weekend, Loveday will be warmer, with Saturday set to be 31, with an 11km/hr wind.

Hadyn Vanstone has had the 5351 Motorsport crew working hard to get his buggy ready, and Sam Vanstone stripped down his vehicle to have the frame powder coated  over the off season.

John Smith is looking into the gearbox issues he had at the Stackpoole 400.

The Richard Andrews vehicle will be driven Saturday by Hamish Lochert/Jamie Andrews navigator, and  Sunday- Richard Andrews driving/Lauren Andrews navigator. No major work was needed over the off season.

New to the club, Bobby Pittaway is sure to enjoy the experience, Simon Herrmann is currently going over the Toby Whateley vehicle, and hoping Matthew Witmitz  has had no major issues to contend with.

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