Early Days of the club


First up ==50 years ago myself and a group here in Gawler were mucking around with vehicles ,restoring them =racing around the scrub =and getting together for barbies etc .
We had a name called the VALVE BOUNCERS and named up a shield (which i still have one ) and organized some great fun events .
After 12 months we had about 20 in our group and everyone was interested and assisting with events we planned .
At a meeting one night in a shed on Lyndoch road we discussed about changing our group name .
As comics were the go then i had an American one called the ROAD KNIGHTS =  I put it up to the group and they accepted the name GAWLER ROAD KNIGHTS CAR CLUB . Rob Geau ,Kevin Evans ,Bev (Phyllis) Waters ( Tundari, ),John Whitbread ,Len Warren ,Malcolm Bird ,Bernie Stack ,Sammy ,Gary Ashcroft just  to name a few and club grew quickly into a membership of up to 150 .  Bev and others started up a Gawler Road Knights Netball club and they were very successful .
From there we grew and club moved more so into off road racing and held many state events that were very successful .
Brian Sambell
From depleted and ageing memory, our first meetings were held in the old Transfield Building, at Willaston, which is now Willaston Crash Repairs, and we operated in the sandpits now known as Hewett Subdivision. (When the big floods came through and washed caravans from the Gawler Caravan Park, there was 8 – 10 foot of water over the Sandpits track, and now they have build bloody houses there !!! ???)
Some of the first members of the club, called the Dragons – Brice Heidenreich (deceased), Ian Dawe, Cockshell Estate, who was responsible for producing the enamelled Gawler Road Knights plaque, called The Dragons
Geoff and Roger Hillier – Gawler
Wayne Jarman – Gawler Auto Rewinders
Bob Hockey
Bob Geue – RAA Mechanical Gawler
Beverley Waters (nee Phyllis) Tundarri
Cheers to everyone still alive,
Alan Mortimer