GRKCC Office Bearers

GRKCC Office Bearers 2014.

President                        Blake Smith

Vice President               Brett Reimann

Secretary                        Ian Mathison

Treasurer                       Julie Burridge

Assistant Sec/Treas      Chris Thorne

Committee                     Gary Curtis, James Madden, Paul Frank, Lloyd Afford

SAORRA                         Ian Mathison, Gary Curtis

State Council                 Meg Gosden

Off Road Panel             Bob Temby, Ian Mathison  (proxy – James Madden)

Publicity                         Meg Gosden, Julie Burridge

Track Committee         Clive Randall, Paul Frank, Sam Daniele, Peter Cousins,

Brett Reimann, Blake Smith, James Madden

Property Officer            Clive Randall

2013 Office Bearers

2012 Office Bearers

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