Visit this page for updates from GRKCC members from recently-run events. The longer updates can be found in the drop-down menu for ‘Knightly Updates’ while the shorter summaries will be featured below.

You can find more detailed event placings on the ‘Race Results‘ page.


Due to the event we are holding on the 15th &16th September 2012, we would like to let everyone know that the Sedan track is closed to be used for practise until after our event. We are having working bees and need the work we do to settle without cars or buggies tearing around on it. Thankyou for your co-operation.
– the Track Committee, GRKCC


A working bee will be held at the Sedan track on Sunday 26th August starting at 10am. BBQ lunch supplied. Please bring shovels etc.


The Offroad Masters was run at Glenroy Plains last weekend, and GRKCC only had 1 entrant – Ivan Schmocker, who finished 14th outright. Well done! If you happen to see any pictures of the buggies after the event, you’ll agree that Ivan has got one muddy buggy to clean… Well done on finishing.


Please note that the Sedan track is closed to practise on until after our event in September

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