2011 Denise Gosden Memorial Ladies & Juniors Enduro

The 2011 Denise Gosden Memorial Ladies & Juniors Enduro, held by Gawler Road Knights Car Club at the Sedan track, has been run and won. Ten vehicles entered the event, but alas, only seven were to finish. Conditions over the weekend were great. It was a little warm, but there was a breeze to move the dust around. The track had been lengthened to provide more racing distance for the competitors, and feed back on the changes were very positive. Saturday’s prologue showed that we have some very talented youngsters coming up through the ranks, who can not only drive very well, but in very respectable times as well. The vehicles were started one at a time for the afternoons three laps, and at the conclusion, the only positions that had changed were that of 545 – Tahleah Randal, and 271 – Nick Cousins, they had swapped places. A very foggy Sunday morning greeted competitors, and with drivers briefing underway, a gentle breeze picked up from the east, which was to prove helpful. From the start Grant Madden was out to prove he was up for the challenge, and by the end of the day he clearly showed his potential in driving his fathers buggy. Unfortunately Mark Schmocker had to stop and change a tyre on his 2nd lap, which was to put him behind Jai Loader, who showed he is no slouch in hurtling the truck around the track. Bad luck was to hit Sam Tickner on his first lap, with a broken drive shaft. Matthew Curtis gave us some heart stopping moments over the tabletop with plenty of air under the buggy. Annette Madden drove a very consistent race in the Roger Cox buggy, which was a feat in itself as it was the first time she had ever driven it. Lisa Cowden tried valiantly to catch up to Annette all weekend, falling short by 9 minutes over the event. Curtis Randall showed dad Clive just how the Baja should go over the tabletop, every lap. Nick Cousins showed great consistency over the weekend, but was looking forward to a nana nap when he got home after putting in a terrific effort. Bad luck was to befall Matthew Curtis on his last lap, and Tahleah Randall on her 6th, with the two coming together in the dust. The front end on the Curtis buggy will require a bit of surgery, and the z car just needs some panel work. Neither was to finish the event. Grant Madden and dad James as navigator, were first outright, first in class and Grant was first Junior home. Jai Loader with dad Jeff and Andrew Suckling as shared navigator were second outright and 1st in class, and Mark Schmocker with dad Ivan as navigator were third outright and second in class. Annette Madden, with Amelia Madden and Paul Frank sharing navigators duties, were 1st in class, and Annette was the first female to finish the event. Lisa Cowden and navigator Graham Speed were 2nd in class. Curtis Randall and dad Clive were 1st in class, and Nick Cousins with navigator dad Peter got dead last but finished. At the end of the event, a great weekend was had by all. With many thanks to the officials, landowner, spectators and crews for their support.

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