GKRCC/Offroad Shop short course event 2012 (SAORRA series round 5)

A great weekend of racing was had by most of the 26 teams who entered the GRKCC/Offroad Shop Short Course event.
The event consisted of 5 races for the weekend. Originally each race had 5 grids, but after withdrawals due to breakage on Saturday, competitors were regrouped into 4 grids for Sunday. Each race consisted of 3 laps, with each lap being 8.1 km in length.
The hard luck story goes to #26 James Copeland/Scott Modistach, who fronted up for their first start of the day Saturday – only to break an axle as they took off on the green light.
As vehicles went around corners, dust rose into the air, but the wind helped somewhat in dispersing it so spectators could get a pretty clear view of the racing.
#584 Darren/Rachael Hille, in the Holden HQ ute, had everyone gasping in amazement at their jump over the tabletop. From the timing van it looked absolutely terrifying, as the angle they achieved made it look like the vehicle may go past vertical. To everyone’s astonishment, the vehicle landed on four wheels and kept going, but at the completion of race one, they took no further part in the event due to a lack of oil pressure.
Some very impressive and fast driving saw #57 Aaron Haby win the event, with #151 Luke/Vicky Erceg second, and #109 Andrew Fitzgerald/Katie Fitzgerald/Shannyn Fitzgerald third.

4th – #150 Ben Erceg/Kelly Erceg/Luke Erceg
5th – #280 Neville Day/Paul Frank
6th – #120 Eric Schmid/Allan Tregenza
7th – #435 Stephen Collett/Gemma Collett
8th – #2711 Daniel Cousins/Peter Cousins
9th – #176 Sam Daniele
10th – #271 Peter Cousins/Daniel Cousins

Of the 26 entrants for the weekend, these 10 completed the full distance, with 7 more entrants qualifying as finishers as they had completed 70% of the race distance. GRKCC would like to sincerely thank all the people who volunteered their time to help with the event.

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