Parilla 2012

Parilla was an excellent race, and this time around a new spectator area which was exciting to watch when the dust cleared. Although not a GRKCC member, Trevor Copeland was the one to watch as he came from rear of field and finished second outright. Ivan Schmocker was the first Gawler buggy home in 5th place. Matt Drage came out to play after many years, driving for the first half and handing the wheel over to Toby Reimann at the lunch break. Blake Smith was the navigator for the weekend. Sam Danielle was out after a long absence and took home a trophy. Paul Frank was again the navi for Nev Day in Roger Cox’s buggy; it seems they ran short of the ‘go go juice’ in sight of the finish line, but still got second in class. Graham Randall, with his nephew Curtis in the silly seat, did not quite all the laps in – but still got a trophy. I think James Madden was the first DNF of the day with a problem that took only a short time to fix when he got home. Brett Reimann did not make the distance either. Good event – they are already working on improvements for next year.

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