2013 Denise Gosden Ladies & Juniors Event

Of the 11 entries for this annual event, 5 crews belonged to the Gawler Road Knights Car Club – what a great effort.

The club has some exceptional young drivers, and this was highlighted when Tanner James-navigator Aaron James, in the ProLite #128 Razorback and Grant Madden-navigator James Madden, in the Pro #81 Off Road Shop Razorback, placed 1st and 2nd outright at the end of the event.

According to www.offroading.com.au, the standard deviation for Tanner, over his 14 laps, was just 19 seconds, and for Grant it was 40 seconds. Very consistent driving by both, so watch out for when they take to the courses proper.

Curtis Randall-navigator Clive Randall, in the first outing of Pro Lite #111, competed well. After a couple of problems, there were consistent laps around the 9 minute mark. He was rewarded for this by claiming 2nd in Pro Lite class.

Unfortunately for Matthew Curtis-navigator Gary Curtis, #36, who was running consistent lap times in the 8 minute mark, steering problems, namely a broken tie rod end, put paid to his great effort and stopped them finishing the event. He had been holding out Annie and Sarah Galliford, and was sitting in 3rd outright.

Nicky Cousins-navigator Peter Cousins, in the Super 1650 Southern Cross Mark 4 #271, got in 5 consistent 10 minute laps, then succumbed to dust in the motor, which proved terminal for the vehicle, and they took no further part in the event.

Altogether, a good time was had by all competing. Thanks go out to the dads who lent their vehicles so the offspring could race.

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