2012 CAMS Awards, Feb 2013

A night of good company, food and entertainment was enjoyed by Gawler Road Knights Car Club Members Meg Gosden, Trevor Snow, Julie Burridge and Paul Frank, as well as fellow Off Roaders Andy, Katie and Shannyn Fitzgerald, Fred and Joanne Severin, and Bob Baldock from the Northern Territory, on Sat 2nd February.

Paul was recognized as winner of SAORRA Series Navigator of Year for 2012 in front of his fellow Off Roaders and competitors from all other motor sport disciplines present on the night.

Gawler Road Knights Car Club nominated Meg for the position of SA/NT Off Road Official of the year, which to her delight, she won. She was very emotional during her short thankyou speech.

Bob Baldock was awarded his CAMS 25 Year Service Medal.


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