Richard Bennett Memorial Enduro

A really good turnout of GRKCC members entered into the event. It was a fantastic weekend for racing, held on a modified track, with a great spectator area.

Seven vehicles were entered, Ivan Schmocker/Wayne Evans in Pro Class, Aaron James/Brett Plant,Shayne Ramm/Rob Ward, Lloyd Afford and Sam Daniele in Pro Lite, Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone in Super 1650 and Graeme Randall/Curtis Randall in Extreme 2WD.

It was to be a very bitter sweet weekend for the Vanstone’s, the first time the vehicle was taken out for competition, only to have engine troubles which prevented them from starting the event.

Again, Sam Daniele put in very consistent 21 minute lap times, only to be let down on lap 4 with front suspension failure.

Shayne Ramm/Rob Ward, with Rob in his first outing as navigator at Parilla, were consistent with 22 minute laps, until they were out on lap 5 with a cracked frame.

Lloyd Afford completed 6 laps, then had some minor engine problems and decided to put the buggy on the trailer before doing major damage. He was circulating very well up until then.

Graeme Randall/Curtis Randall, who we shall now name Mr Persistent, may not have the flashest vehicle out there, but so far is now 2 for 2. Both occupants appeared thoroughly worn out at the end of the, but were very happy to have once again completed the full race distance. They were rewarded with 29th outright, and 3rd in class. Well done.

Ivan Schmocker was on a mission for the event, with laps of 18, 19, and one 24 minutes. The pairing were good to watch, and had no problems in putting the foot down when necessary to chase someone down and pass them. They were excellent to watch going over the jumps in the spectator area. They finished 5th outright and 4th in class.

Aaron James/Brett Plant continue to amaze spectators as to how well the Pro Lite can keep up with and stay in front of some of the Pro Class vehicles. Smooth and consistent every time he competes, Aaron’s laps times were all in the 18 minutes, with the exception of one, which was 22 minutes. The pairing were rewarded with 3rd outright, and first in class. Congratulations go to them, and we look forward to seeing them at more events.

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