Bentley’s Cabin Park Flinders 450


I was presented with the opportunity to navigate for Andew Mowles, the #135 Prolite entry, as his usual navigator was unavailable.

We set off for prologue and secured 11 outright out of a quality field of 29 mostly national competitors.

Mowlesy wasn’t happy with the way the engine was running, not as powerful as it should be, and later found a couple of problems which we attempted to fix, unsuccessfully.

2 laps Saturday afternoon, with the same engine problem, landed us in 8th position. Saturday night, and  further engine modifications had the engine problem, as well as a torn CV boot, fixed that night, ready for Sundays race.

The first 3 laps before the lunch break were clean and faster than Saturday, with the engine screaming like it should, coming in 7th position. 2 laps after lunch saw the track very cut up and a few retirements, however we maintained a consistent pace and brought the razor back home 4th on the road.

Corrected time put us 5th outright and 1st in prolite.

Special thanks to Andrew Mowles for the opportunity to run in a premier class car, and James Madden for all the support.

Baz (Blake Smith)












































































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