Hi-Tec Oils Riverland Enduro 2013

A good effort by Gawler Road Knights members at this event, with 11 vehicles entered of the field of 68.

Unfortunately, James Madden was a late withdrawal, after suffering a blown engine during dyno time.

Beautiful weather for prologue Saturday, and a great crowd of locals and support crew were visible on the spectator hill. After each competitor put on a great show, and huge effort, at the end of prologue, the start order included the following:

#128, Aaron James/Tanner James/Robert Plant – 11th, 3:17:54

#80, Toby Reimann/John Heidrich – 21st, 3:27:33

#412, Brett Reimann/Steven Hutchinson – 25th, 3:31:46

#176, Sam Daniele – 27th, 3:34:83

#126, Shayne Ramm/Rob Ward – 28th, 3:35:29

#233, Graham Tickner/Sam Tickner/Bodie Tickner – 35th, 3:41:48

#623, Tony Whateley/Nick Cumming – 45th, 3:56:95

#253, Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone – 52nd, 4:10:71

#121, Kim Reid, 61st – 5:02:95

#58, Ivan Schmocker/Mark Schmocker/Wayne Evans, 63rd, after a gentle roll, no time.

Gremlins struck early, with #412 Brett Reimann/Steven Hutchinson not starting the event proper, and #121 Kim Reid not finishing the first lap. #126 Shayne Ramm/Rob Ward were the next to exit, after completing one lap, when they then had problems with a CV. #176 Sam Daniele completed two laps, around 48 minutes each, but then took no further part in the event. #58 Ivan Schmocker/Mark Schmocker/Wayne Evans also completed two laps, the first in 47 minutes, the second 1 hour 48 minutes. Having a few issues, the decision was made to take no further part in the event, but try and prep the buggy to be ready for the Baroota event later this month. #128 Aaron James/Tanner James/Robert Plant had a 1 hour 44 minute first lap, then picked up the pace to do a 44 minute lap, only to be out on the third lap with a blown engine. #623 Tony Whateley/Nick Cumming in the UTV also completed 2 laps, a 53 minute lap then a 58 minute lap, and retired.

Congratulations must go to the following competitors who completed the SAORRA Multi Club section of the event ; #233 Graham Tickner/Sam Tickner/Bodie Tickner, with a very credible 13th Outright and 2nd in Prolite – laps of 48, 47 and 49 minutes. #253 Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone, a terrific result for 2nd time out in the buggy of 20th Outright and 6th in Super 1650 – 2 laps of 56 minutes and 1 of 58 minutes. A huge improvement from their event at Parilla, and I bet they are stoked !!!!!!!! And #80 Toby Reimann/John Heidrich, 25th Outright and 6th in Pro Class. They struck problems on their first lap, with a time of 1 hour 46 minutes, but then backed that up with a 45 and 47 minute lap to classify as finishers. This pairing then went on to compete in the State Championship section of the event, withdrawing after one completed 46 minute lap.

Only 26 vehicles of the 56 starters finished the SAORRA section of the event,and of the 39 that contested the SA Championship section,15 completed the other two laps.

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