Sept 2013, Inaugural Mannum Short Course

GRKCC recently held a short course event at Haby’s Place, Mannum, 21/22 Sept. It was the Inaugural Short Course  event to be held at the property, and the club were absolutely overwhelmed with the entry list – 35 in all.

The event was divided into 6 races of 6 heats, 2 races held Saturday and 4 races held Sunday, with each competitor attempting to complete 3 laps each heat.

Competitors gave it their all, with some fast and furious competition seen by the many specators who turned up to watch. The first few heats were relatively dust free, as there was a good breeze blowing, but once the breeze faded, it was back to the usual dusty conditions of an Off Road event.

Of the 35 competitors, Gawler Road Knights had 9 entries, with the Tickner boys double entered – #2331 and #233 , #58 Ivan Schmocker introducing his sunday navigator to the sport in a baptism of speed, #481Graeme Randall joining #176 Sam Daniele and #186 Lloyd Afford as a single seat vehicle for the weekend, albeit in a different class. #253 Sam and Steven Vanstone were very consistent the whole weekend, #412 Brett Reimann and navigator Blake Smith finished the event very well, and #716 Angelo Piano showed his partner Karen Lee a dusty and rough weekend, but she enjoyed herself very much.

#2331 Sam Tickner drove two very consitent 14&1/2 minute heats – only 2 seconds difference between 1& 2, and #233 Bodie Tickner was a fraction faster with 13&1/2 minutes a heat. However luck was not on their side after the vehicle suffered some front end damage in #233 Bodie Tickner’s third head, which precluded them from any further part in the event.

#176 Sam  Daniele showed some very aggressive driving Saturday to record 2 13&1/2 minute heats, then suffered electrical problems in his first heat Sunday which could not be rectified to continue in the event.

#481 Graeme Randall removed the silly seat in his vehicle after his navigator bailled out at the last minute, and went on to have a very successful weekend of racing, albeit mostly in everyone elses dust, with his fastest heat being 15:52.

#716 Angelo Piani and partner Karen Lee circulated well all weekend, with heats between 17 and 19 minutes, putting in a good effort and getting some well deserved Off Road kilometres under their belt.

#186 Lloyd Afford seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself this event, winding the buggy up in the competition, and completing all heats bar one in 14 minutes.

#253 Sam and Steven Vanstone are getting better and better at each event they enter. Their laps were consistently in 14 minutes and some seconds, with only between 6 and 24 seconds  apart, and considering how rough a couple of sections were, this is impressive.

#412 Brett Reimann and Blake Smith circulated well, with lap times in 13 and 14 minutes.Think they may need some new tyres before their next event. It was good to see the pair finish the event, and they put on a good show in the arena.

#58 Ivan Schmocker, with David Philips in the silly seat, thundered around the track, jumped well over the jump in front of the spectators, had the vehicle on three wheels around some corners, and generally chased down the Haby brothers all weekend. With all his laps in the 12 minutes, he had a very successful weekend.

At the conclusion of competition, 20 of the 35 entrants were classified as finishers.

Of that 20, #58 Ivan Schmocker was 2nd O/R and 2nd in Pro Class, #412 Brett Reimann was 9th O/R and 1st in Extreme 2WD, #253 Sam Vanstone was 10th O/R and 4th in Super 1650, #186 Lloyd Afford was 11th O/R and 3rd in Pro Lite, #716 Angelo Piani was 17th O/R and #481 Graeme Randall was 18th O/R and 3rd in Extreme 2WD.

GRKCC would like to thank the Haby family and ABC for the use of the track to hold our event and our class sponsors – J & N Simpson, Paul Frank, B & B Temby, Lunatech Racing Transmissions, 5351 Motorsport, and Peter Garnaut.

GRKCC would also like to thank Ben Erceg for providing a courtesy lap to first time out Steward – Adrian Flynn. By all accounts, Adrian was very impressed with his lap out, and was surprised at how comfortable he was at the end of it. ben and adrian flynn, mannum short course, 2013

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