Windy Wynarka

what a weekend!! 37 entries all up, and 7 of them GRKCC members – #58 Ivan Schmocker/Wayne Tabe, #176 Sam Daniele, #233 Graham Tickner/Bodie and Sam Tickner,  #158Trevor Snow/Darrin Jocey-Prior, #253 Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone, #481 Graeme Randall/Jason Lloyd(sat)/Curtis Randall(sun), and #716 Angelo Piano/Robbie Ward.
All competitors did really well in Prologue, and equally well in the first section – 3 laps Saturday. The gremlins struck #58 Ivan again, with a faulty oil pressure sensor, but this was rectified overnight to enable him to continue racing Sunday.
All vehicles circulated in their own groove throughout the laps Sunday. #158 Trevor Snow/Darrin Jocey-Prior were the 1st unlucky team on the day, breaking a drive shaft halfway through their 4th lap, and #233 Graham Tickner/Bodie Tickner/Sam Tickner were the next team out, not finishing lap 6. #58 Ivan charged all day, but was not classified as a finisher due to saturdays problems.#176 Sam Daniele was consistent, #481 Graeme Randall just keept on keeping on, #253 the Vanstone boys had an anxious dad on the sidelines cheering them on, and #716 Angelo Piano, new to the club this year from WA, with Robbie Ward alongside, had a terrific, although bumpy, days outing.
At the end of the event , #176 Sam Daniele was 7th o/r & 3rd in class, #253 Sam/Steven Vanstone were 11th o/r & 4th in class, #481Graeme Randall/Jason Lloyd/Curtis Randall were 14th o/r and 2nd in class, and #716 Angelo Piano/Robbie Ward were rewarded with 16th o/r and 2nd in class.
This was a brilliant finish rate for our competing members.
Hopefully all the competitors will be able to take their vehicles home, go over them carefully, and have them ready for the Short Course Event at Mannum in September.

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