Mannum Enduro 6/7 September 2014

The Mannum Enduro attracted a good field of competitors, and 7 crews were from Gawler Road Knights Car Club. well done.

A new format was undertaken at this event, with Section 1, 1 lap of 23 kms, being the prologue, yet still part of the event.
All GRKCC crews finished the section, with times of:- #81 James Madden/Paul Frank – 16:10.86, #233 Graham Tickner/Sam Tickner – 18:15.12, #253 Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone – 19:16.32, #36 Matt Curtis/Gary Curtis Roy Eitzen/Clive Randall – 17:25.43, #126 Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm – 18:00.75, #186 LLoyd Afford – 19:11.40 and #510 Peter Garnaut/Patrick Garnaut – 24:29.57

Vehicles were then sorted into heats for Section 2, which was 2 laps of the track. Again all crews finished this section. Lap times for all were consistent, with only Graham Tickner/Sam Tickner suffering problems, putting them 6 minutes down on their first two laps.

From all reports, the track was dusty, but this did not deter our crews from lining up for the start of Section 3, which was to be 6 laps of the track.

All crews finished the first lap of section three, then the gremlins set in. #510 Peter Garnaut/Patrick Garnaut did not finish lap two, citing mechanical preservation for withdrawal. #186 Lloyd Afford also failed to finish lap 2, suffering damage to a tie rod. With all his lap times in the low 18 minutes, #126 Robbie Ward/Daniel failed to finish lap 4, having drive shaft issues. Lap 1 of section 3 was the slowest time for #36 Matt Curtis/Gary Curtis Roy Eitzen/Clive Randall, all others being 17 minutes, then gearbox issues prevented them finishing lap 4.

The remaining 3 crews managed to finish the distance, with 14 of the original start crews finishing the event. With 1 lap of 15:51.95 the last lap of 17:19.04 and all other laps in the 16 minutes, #81 James Madden/Paul Frank finished 4th o/r and 4th in Pro class. With 1 lap of 24:10.53 and all others in the 18 minutes, #233 Graham Tickner/Sam Tickner finished 10th o/r and 2nd in Super 1650 class. 4 laps in the 19 minutes, 2 in the 20, 1 in 21, 1 in 22, and 1 in 26, put #253 Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone 13th o/r and 3rd in Super 1650 class.

This was a good result for GRKCC, and the club thanks all competitors who enter events.

Was sad to hear that not everyone waited around for the slower vehicles to finish the event, or for presentation.

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