SGORA Auto Pro Challenge Short Course

A great entry field of 31 vehicles arrived at Pt. Germein for the final competitive race of the season.
Again, GRKCC members put on a good turn-up, with 7 entries – #28 Tanner James/Adrian Lucy/Aaron James, #81 James Madden/Paul Frank, #222 Jamie Simpson/Justine Simpson, #253 Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone, #126 Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm, #510 Patrick Garnaut/Peter Garnaut, and #37 Richard Andrews/Jamie Andrews/Lauren Andrews.
The forecast for the weekend was to be warm, and this would lead to dusty conditions for the competitors.
The event was to consist of three sections, with section 1 being 1 lap of the approx. 6km course, determining the start position for section 2.
#28 Tanner James/Adrian Lucy/Aaron James topped the times, closely followed by #81 James Madden/Paul Frank in 2nd, with #126 Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm 10th, #253 Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone 17th, #222 Jamie Simpson/Justine Simpson 21st, #510 Patrick Garnaut/Peter Garnaut 28th and #37 Richard Andrews/Jamie Andrews/Lauren Andrews 29th, rounding out our 7 crews. It is always good to see every club crew finish the first section.
Section 2 was 2 laps of the 16km course, and Section 3 was to consist of 2 heats, the first 3 laps of the 16km course, and the second 3 laps of the 10km course.
At the end of these sections, #28 Tanner James/Adrian Lucy/Aaron James had driven to outright and Pro class victory, with #81 James Madden/Paul Frank in 2nd outright and 2nd in Pro class. #222 Jamie Simpson/Justine Simpson claimed 9th outright and 1st in Super 1650 class, #253 Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone 12th outright and 3rd in Super 1650 class, #126 Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm 16th outright and 3rd in Pro lite class. #510 Patrick Garnaut/Peter Garnaut finished the event 21st outright and 3rd in modified 2WD class, while #37 Richard Andrews/Jamie Andrews/Lauren Andrews had problems and did not finish the first heat of section 3.
All in all, a good result for the GRKCC competitors. Well done to all.

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