Shit Box Rally – Day 3

Well another day draws to a close, and today was the first day we have made it into the campsite before dark. Quite foreign sitting down in daylight able to see where we are.

Campsite it about 30K out of Broome, and whilst a bit odd, it was nice to be greeted by the owners with an ice cold beer, compared to yesterday when the owners threw us each a pack of frozen meat and told us to enjoy our tea.

Today was a mix of dirt and bitumen, the pug is actually better on the dirt, its unstable and all the suspension flogs around making horrible noises, but more comfortable (A relative term) because the speeds are much slower.

Today was well over 30, which made being in the car a bit like being in an oven, it was ok though, because our two twelve volt fans turned our normal oven into a fan forced one. Car was getting a bit warm on some of the long runs, but probably not as warm as the passengers.

Our team had a fairly event free day, and the pug is still going, I wouldn’t go as far as to say going strong, it’s difficult to start when hot, billows oil smoke at random intervals, throttle sticks wide open and now has an almost totally smashed windscreen. But almost half of the K’s are covered and many other cars have been dragged in on trailers, so it hasn’t disgraced itself.

Today’s big event was the windscreen breaking, and not being a laminated screen, we are waiting to get showered in glass at some point in the future. An oncoming road train flicked a rock up into it, we have covered the crack with some structural stickers and the hope is that it holds in for another few days. Worst case scenario we kick it out and the back one as well and wear glasses and eat any oncoming bugs instead of them splatting into the screen.

Probably wont have net for a few days, but will send another email when I get a chance.

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