Shit Box Rally – Day 4

Just a quick update to let you know that Baz and I have survived day 4.

The car is still going, and we survived the short day in fine form.

Today being a short day was a leisurely wake up time, followed by a short drive to Cable Beach, breakfast at the jockey club then a swim in the ocean (not one person got chewed on by a croc).

Then it was off, from Broome To Fitzroy Crossing only 400 odd km and all on bitumen. We got put in with the lead team today for a 60 Minutes photo shoot and the doco that the other groups are in. Nice in theory, but meant we had no option to cruise somewhat faster than the old girl was comfortable. But it coped admirably. Also meant we were one of the first teams into the campground and actually able to have a hot shower.

The windscreen continues to crack further and further, but we are yet to have it hit us in the face which is a win. Its still drinking oil, no more and no less, and near impossible to start when hot, but it does always start at this stage.

Tomorrow we are back on the dirt for 400ish K’s, before a big day of 720 on the dirt the following day.

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