Shit Box Rally – Day 5

The trip from Fitzroy Crossing to Mount Barnett Roadhouse, a small day, but dirt roads only.

The day started off poorly with a flat battery in the pug, then a sticking starter, however while playing with this, we discovered a very large fuel leak. The top of the carb had come loose, meaning anytime the fuel bowl was full it poured fuel into the engine. It would appear fixing this has just about halved our fuel consumption (as well as much lower speeds due to being all on dirt roads).

We also had a bit of a win, what we had through for the first few days was a gearbox running hot and making feet uncomfortable, turned out to be the heater turned onto out feet. With this off the car is much more bearable.

It was some amazing scenery, stopped at a couple of gorges and wandered around, and had a fairly trouble free run all in all. And a reasonable time to arrive.

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