Shit Box Rally – Day 6

Mount Barnett Roadhouse to Victoria River. Today was set to be an interesting day, 750ish K’s with half on the Gibb River Road with many water crossings, and the other half on bitumen. The plan was to be into Victoria River Roadhouse by 6pm.

Two hours into the trip, we had gone less than 50K, and frustration was setting in for all. An ETA at current speed was about 4am the following morning. Each water crossing resulted in an hour wait each side whilst others were dragged through and tempers were starting to flare (amongst recovery and entrants alike)

The rest of the day was very stop start, including us, who had to stop to clean out the fuel line when the pug refused to run just before a river crossing, punctures among the group and varying running repairs.

It was amazing scenery, but the entire day was spent in the dust of the cars in front. By the time we hit the bitumen it was nearly, and with 300ish K’s to go, it was fuel up and go. Driving the pug with its headlights as good as candles (driving lights have melted failed) on an open road with cows on either side presented a few scary moments (Another car in our group (I Waz/The Waz’s) had a cow try to climb in through their driver’s side window at 130 which resulted in a very sore arm and a slightly mangled car (Had we known about this I think we would have camped by the roadside)

200K out we stopped to regroup and have a chat as to where to next. Did we push on, or camp where we were. The Machine Gunner girls were exhausted and micro napping at the wheel. So we did a car shuffle, Baz drove their car in and I drove the pug. By this stage it was a case of foot down, tuck in behing the Geezers 4×4, concentrate and just get it over and done with. I ran out of fuel 500M short of the entrance to the park.

The end result was that we finished up at the roadhouse about 10.30ish, exhausted, but as late as 1am recovery vehicles were heading back out to get the damaged cars. Many people slept at small towns along the way, and recovery took to making car dumps at service stations for wreckers to collect later. The last person who arrived rolled in just after 4am.

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