Shit Box Rally – Day 7

The final day, a run into Darwin, only 500 odd K’s on bitumen. Given the late finish to the day before, start was pushed back a few hours, and we set off in our little group. It’s amazing to think that a week ago we did not know this group, and for the last week we have not been more than a few hundred metres apart on the road, and camped together. Our group shrunk early on, but the remaining people have been amazing.

The pug trundled into Darwin mid pack, after a nice lunch break at the Adelaide River Inn and a fairly leisurely day. It is however in pretty sad shape. The mechanicals are starting to have some issues, and the body that was already rough is even more so, as a game of gentle sideswipes to each other at the car park got out of hand, and the driver’s floor has torn, so you can see daylight alongside the accelerator pedal. This was also the cause for the footwells full of water each time we went through a splash.

However our little group is thrilled that we all made it safe and sound.

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