Shitbox Rally – Day 1

800 odd K’s on bitumen, leave Perth at 8am, no worries, should be there mid afternoon at the latest. Well thirteen hours later we crawled into Meekatharra (ran amuk) then rolled out the swags.

Rally organisers stressed we had to stay with out group, we left the departure point, and the two cars we were with set off at 110+ Km/hr, we gradually fell back, but tried to remain in contact with them. Well 160 miles later, we had used 55 litres of fuel, spluttered to a stop, and got out to find the diff smoking, and sizzling hot when fingers touched it.

We topped up with the jerry cans and crawled to the next town (where the two cars from our group promptly drove off leaving us there). Undoubtedly the best thing that could happen to us. We waited for the rest of our group and the diff to cool down. . For that last 1000+K’s we have rarely been out of sight of the rest of the group, and had a great time with an amazing group of people.

Turns out the pug is thirsty unless you drive at 75-80 which was not possible. One of the other groups in the team is having a docco made about them, so there was lots of go back out and rearrive stop for this etc. The production team may find themselves in a shallow grave shortly.

At the end of the day when all we wanted was tea, we found ourselves alone again 100k’s out of Meekatharra, we sat and waited a while, before turning round to go back and find the rest of our group. We found them sitting around a cooked Subaru. Baz set to work and had them back on the road in no time, and we finished our day together.

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