Shit Box Rally – Day 2

Today was another 700+ K day, from Meekatharra to Marble Bar. A slightly more uneventful day, many dead cars but the pug is still going ok.

Currently it either has no oil pressure or a faulty gauge, its not getting hot, so we smashed the gauge and wound it up to where we felt less nervous. Its been super thirsty still, but going ok. Although this afternoon we were the lead car and instead of getting 160 miles out of 50ish litres, we got 200 out of 40 litres. There is some merit to travelling at 90.

There was a slight period where there was a strong smell of fuel, turned out a holed jerry can had been spraying the roof with fuel. Oops. Good thing we don’t smoke. Sadly the car does smoke, and we are two litres into our oil rations, but does not run hot no matter what we do to it.

The green frog is our mascot, when stationary he is crouched ready to pounce, over 60k’s the arms go up and he leans back.

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