Wynarka Enduro

Held on the weekend of 16/17 August 2014, 41 competitors fronted for this event, and Gawler Road Knights Car Club was very well represented with 14 crews.

Conditions were overcast Saturday, with slight drizzle about.

Prologue was undertaken , and all vehicles present completed it.

Positions gained for the start of the event were: 5th, #81 James Madden/Paul Frank, 6th, #58 Ivan Schmocker/Mark Schmocker/Wayne Evans, 7th, #80 Toby Reimann/Ian Mathison/Blake Smith, 12th, #36 Gary Curtis/Matt Curtis, 18th, #176 Sam Daniele, 19th #233 Bodie Tickner/Sam Tickner/Haylee Hook, 20th, #158 Trevor Snow/Darrin Jocey-Prior, 24th, #186 Lloyd Afford, 27th, #37 Richard Andrews/Lauren & Jamie Andrews/Jim Walker, 28th, #253 Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone, 30th, #271 Peter Cousins/Nick Cousins, 31st, #126 Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm, 35th, #222 Jamie Simpson/Geoffrey Benko/Justine Simpson, 36th, #212 Clive Randall/Graham Randall.

Section 1 Saturday was to be 3 laps of the course. However, there was to be an incident/accident on lap 1, which caused the event to be red flagged, and no further competition took part.

It was not to be a good weekend for #158 Trevor Snow/Darrin Jocey-Prior, with the gearbox deciding not to play the game on lap 1 of Saturday’s section, and the crew did not start the event Sunday.

The weather for competition Sunday was perfect, and two other crews did not start the event. 5 crews did not finish the first lap, #222 Jamie Simpson/Geoffrey Benko/Justine Simpson being one, out with engine problems.

#253 Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone finished one lap, 13:29, only to have problems with the front end on lap 2.

#271 Peter Cousins/Nick Cousins were next out, on lap 3, snapping the bell housing in 2.

#37 Richard Andrews/Lauren & Jamie Andrews/Jim Walker did not finish lap 4, and I believe they had motor issues.

#36 Gary Curtis/Matt Curtis suffered overheating issues and did not finish lap 5.

#80 Toby Reimann/Ian Mathison/Blake Smith was to have a fuel tank split on lap 6, and took  no further part in the weeks competition. #212 Clive Randall/Graham Randall had numerous mechanical issues, also on lap 6, and retired the vehicle.

#176 Sam Daniele was on lap 7 when he suffered problems with the right hand upright on his suspension, and was out. He had been circulating each lap in 12 minutes, as had #233 Bodie Tickner/Sam Tickner/Haylee Hook, who were also out on lap 7, and its a shame, as the margin between Sam’s and Bodie’s times were very close.

Only 14 vehicles were to complete the 10 laps Sunday, and of those, 4 were GRKCC crews. They had managed to hang in their, despite the tough conditions of the track.

Congratulations go to: #58 Ivan Schmocker/Mark Schmocker/Wayne Evans for placing 2nd O/R and 2nd in class, followed by #81 James Madden/Paul Frank, placing 3rd O/R and 3rd in class. Down the field a little way was #186 Lloyd Afford, gaining 10th O/R and 4th in class, and the last finisher for the day was #126 Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm, 14th O/R and 5th in class. A brilliant effort by Robbie, as he had issues with a CV earlier in the day, and had to change a flat tyre on the last lap.

The next event is at Mannum, hope to see you there.



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