10 Finishers at Loveday 350

The inaugural Loveday 350 event, 31st October/1st November 2015 attracted a field of 33 entrants, which was a good mix of vehicles from near and far. There was a lot of publicity about the event, through Facebook, emails to club secretaries,  and  on the offroadracing.com.au website.

From GRKCC, entrants were #80 Toby Reimann/Craig Redding, #716 Angelo Piani/Karen Lee, Tyson Read in #529 with Kain Reid, #455 John Smith/Connor Smith, #506 Rod Holmes/Tina Holmes, #510 Patrick Garnaut/Peter Garnaut, #711 Tim Margitich/Pam Margitich and #126 Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm.

There was a 7 km prologue Saturday, with neither #80 Toby Reimann/Craig Redding or #716 Angelo Piani/Karen Lee making the start, and sadly,  Reimann/Redding would take no further part in the event, due to an engine issue. Tyson Read in #529 with Kaine Reid did not finish this section of the event due to a universal joint issue, and took no further part in the event.

Section 1 consisted of 3 laps of the 35 km track, with only 27 of the field starting out. #455 John Smith/Connor Smith did not start this section, due to transmission issues.  #506 Rod Holmes/Tina Holmes, debuting the Falcon Ute, completed 2 laps in:  38:31.02 and 45:00.00, only to suffer suspension issues on lap 3, which prevented them finishing the section, however they would line up for the start of section 2.  #716 Angelo Piani/Karen Lee got in 2 laps – 37:52.38 and 45:00.00, but retired from the event on lap 3  due to illness.  #510 Patrick Garnaut/Peter Garnaut completed their 3 laps – 40:31.93, 52:33.41 and 47:35.56, but needed to refuel each lap, due to the small tank in the Datsun, and at the end of this section found an issue with the engine cradle, so were forced to retire. #711 Tim Margitich/Pam Margitich in the Range Rover completed their 3 laps – 35:19.75, 37:20.83 and 45:00.00 but would not start section 2. Meanwhile #126 Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm  were circulating in credible times: 31:22.47, 29:53.00 and 30:27.70, putting them in 10th position.

Sunday’s section 2 would require the competitors to complete 7 laps of the track, and as it was dry and dusty, would need them all to remain focused on the end goal. 19 vehicles lined up for the start, #506 Rod Holmes/Tina Holmes being back in the fray. Again, 2 laps were completed – 58:28.57 and 45:00.00, but suspension issues saw them retire during lap 3. This left #126 Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm as the only GRKCC team in the event. Their lap times, apart from an issue on lap 3, were consistent: 29:40.11, 30:19.81, 43:25.16, 29:05.25, 29:42.81, 32:51.35, 29:37.58, and added to section 1’s times gave them an overall total of 05:16:25.24, placing them 7th O/R and 3rd in class. An awesome effort, seeing the top 5 consisted of Carl/Tammy Haby, Aaron/Wayne Tabe, Wally/Maree Francome, Wes Cowie/Ryan Schutt and James/Leteisha Lochert.

Congratulations go to all competitors who took part in the event, and a big hoorah to #126 Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm for going the distance and getting a fantastic result.