Another great tussle for GRKCC competitors

Another great weekend, and another round of fantastic competition was had at Wynarka last weekend. Rain in the lead up to the event helped to make ideal conditions, with no dust to inhibit viewing.

Tanner James/Adrian Lucy’s attempt at this event ended during prologue, with mechanical failure. His dad Aaron James/Peter Luckraft, had better luck, finishing 4th, followed by James Madden/Paul Frank 6th, Blake Smith/Ian Mathison 12th, Gary Curtis/Matthew Curtis & Clive Randall 13th, Sam Daniele 16th, John Smith/Connor Smith 18th, Graham Tickner/Samuel Tickner 19th, Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm 26th, Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone 30th, Patrick Garnaut/Peter Garnaut 45th. Bodie Tickner, in with Daryl Nissan prologued 9th.

Blake Smith/Ian Mathison were humming along, but suffered a broken drive shaft on lap 2, putting them out of the event. Sam Daniele had clutch issues on lap 2 and did not continue.

Graham Tickner/Sam Tickner had a noise in the gearbox, and did not start section 2 Sunday.  Robbie Ward was out with drive line issues on lap 4, and Matthew Curtis/Clive Randall were out during lap 6 with steering bolt problems.

Competition between the front runners was intense, with vehicles sounding like angry bees as they went passed spectators. On the whole, the faster vehicles got round the slower ones very easily, with navigators keeping a good eye on their mirrors. Jack Rhodes had been running away with the event, when disaster struck on lap 8, and he went missing. This gave everyone else a little gee up, but did not cause them to lose their spot on the track.

Vehicles started crossing the finish line, for a well earned break, with Aaron James/Peter Luckraft in 2nd o/r and 2nd in class, James Madden/Paul Frank 4th o/r and 3rd in class, Bodie Tickner in with Daryl Nissan gained 5th o/r and 2nd in class, John Smith/Connor Smith came in 11th o/r and 1st in class, Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone finished 14th o/r and 2nd in class, with Patrick Garnaut/Peter Garnaut completing all laps in time, albeit with a broken front end, and gaining 24th o/r and 5th in class.

A job well done to all who finished.

The next event will be Mannum Multi Club Enduro, 5/6 September 2015.