Done and dusted – Denise Gosden Memorial Ladies and Juniors

What a wonderful weekend was had by the 11 crews who entered this event.

Fantastic weather prevailed, with a good stiff breeze saturday for the heats of Race 1, and a gentle on/off breeze for the heats of Races 2, 3 and 4 sunday.

Right from the start, even though the competitors stated they were out to have a great time, it  became apparent just how competitive they were once the helmets were on and seat belts were fastened.

Competitors were divided into two groups after their prologue, and would stay in these for the weekend.

The groups were – #97 Annie/Sarah Galliford, #269 Gillian Ziembinski/Lisa Cowden, #981 Annette/James Madden, #37 Jamie/Lauren/Richard Andrews, #510 Patrick/Peter Garnaut and #256 Jarrah/Mark Taylor.

– #93 Lachlan/Aaron James, #42 Maree/Wally Francombe, #36 Sue/Matt Curtis, #555 Rachael/Kimberley/Luke Hille, #670 Charlie/Antony Mieglich.

Starting 1 minute apart, each competitor could get into their own groove, and drive to the conditions they found, with no pressure upon them. Many different driving styles were seen each day. There were rooster tails around corners, jumps undertaken that made us go WOW, some that made us go OUCH,  one competitor who rolled 4 times, each time in a different lap. We could tell who was putting the pedal to the metal when vehicles could be seen streaking down back straights, and we also saw some very different drive lines being taken at points around the track.

Lachlan James/Aaron James showed that he has just as much talent as big brother Tanner, between 1&1/2 to 2 minutes faster each lap Annette Madden and Annie Galliford,  streaking away to be 1st outright, 1st Junior home, and 12 minutes ahead of Annette’s total time.

Annette Madden/James Madden must have listened to James telling her to go faster, and it paid off, coming in as 1st Lady home and 2nd outright.

Annie Galliford/Sarah Galliford put up a good fight, with only 1 minute gap behind Annette, to place 1st All Girl crew home and 3rd outright.

Jamie/Lauren/Richard Andrews attempt at this event brought them home 4th o/r, with Jamie showing lots of potential as a future driver.

Sue/Matt Curtis, after a few cooling problems, and the use of lots of cable ties, coming in 5th o/r.

Young Charlie Mieglich, in his first ever time in a vehicle, driver or navigator, brought the Peter Dennis owned UTV home 1st in class, and 6th o/r, and better by 2 minutes in his last lap than his 1st.  He has the potential to be a very good off roader, if he gets the chance to do this again.

Patrick Garnaut/Peter Garnaut drove the most consistent times throughout the day, to bring the datsun home 1st in class and 7th o/r.

Rachael Hille/Kimberley Hille/Luke Hille also put on a very good show, and always had a smile on their faces at each start. She got the vehicle home 8th o/r.

Jarrah Taylor/Mark Taylor, in her first drive of dad’s vehicle, could be seen to be growing in confidence at the end of each race. Each time she completed her laps, the smile on her face got bigger and bigger. It was so infectious. She was rewarded for her effort with a 1st in class, and 9th o/r.

Fortune does not always shine on competitors at Off Road events, and this one was to be no exception.

After showing that she definitely has potential to drive well, young Maree Francombe, firstly with dad Wally in with her, then with mum Belinda, experienced a couple of gentle rolls. These saw her withdraw from the event, not starting Race 4. The GRKCC members decided to award her, after the event, with a pair of trainer wheels.

With lots of practice miles under her belt, Gillian Ziembinski/Lisa Cowden were doing very well, and having a blast out on the track. Her times were reflecting this, with a good result a possibility, until race 4. The heat was started, but electrical problems befell them through the first lap, and they found themselves parked.  As late time had been factored into regs, she was awarded this, putting the team into last place. They received the Dead Last But Finished trophy, donated by Meg Gosden.

GRKCC would like to thank Graham and Josy Tickner for sponsorship of the O/R trophies, and to Aaron James for putting up a cash incentive to the 1st Novice home, won by a very surprised but grateful Charlie Mieglich.

Also a huge thank you to St John volunteers, our steward, and everyone else who volunteered their time to make this event the success it was.

P.S. The food from the Pt Germein Tennis club was outstanding, and the showers were awesome.