Richard Bennett Memorial Enduro

Once again Onkaparinga Ramblers Car Club put on an excellent event, challenged the norm and came up with a new format that kept everyone on their toes. It proved to be fantastic for spectators, being able to see a constant stream of vehicles in the stadium arena throughout both sections of competition.

Splitting the competitors into two groups for Saturday’s competition made for interesting watching, with each competitor putting in respectable times, holding no one up, and all finishing reasonable close together. Group 1 had 17 competitors, and Group 2 had 30.

At the end of group 1’s section 1, Bodie Tickner/Hayley Hook/Brenton Forsyth finished with a time for the 2 laps of 43:48.170, 3rd, Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone 49:03.725, 6th, Kim Reid/Kurt Reid 54:21.237, 9th, Clive Randall/Curtis Randall 01:05:13.944, 13th and Kaine Reid/Tyson Read had fuel issues and gained no time.

Group 2’s section 1 saw James Madden/Paul Frank in 5th, with a time of 36:57.912, Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm 49:42.006 in 19th, Gary Curtis/Matthew Curtis had cv issues on lap 2, but had a respectable lap time of 20:15.825, and sadly for Richard Andrews/Jamie & Lauren Andrews, turbo issues did not enable them to complete a lap.

Competitors start order for Sunday was based on their fastest lap from section 1 with the slowest  starting first, and the fastest last. The slowest vehicles had almost completed 3 laps when the first of the fastest vehicles started on their laps for the day. And the race was then on full bore.

Of the GRKCC competitors, Kim Reid/Kurt Reid had overheating problems on lap 1, putting them out, Kaine Reid/Tyson Read had ignition problems and took not further part in the event, Gary Curtis/Matthew Curtis did not start due to their driveshaft issues from Saturday, and Clive Randall/Curtis Randall did a gearbox on lap 2.

Richard Andrews/Jamie & Lauren Andrews completed their first 4 laps Sunday, the first in 40 minutes and the next three in 23, had their lunch break, restarted the event, and in a bingle with another competitor on the first corner, rolled the buggy over. The crew were all okay, but the buggy didn’t fare so well, and a retirement was needed.

Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone had a great run all weekend, with 3  laps of 26 minutes, 2 of 27, 2 of 28 and 1 of 29.  They were thoroughly enjoying the event, as was Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm. 1 23 minute lap, 1 of 24, 1 of 25, 3 of 26 and 2 of 27 got them to the finish line.

Bodie Tickner/Hayley Hook/Brenton Forsyth were out to show that the young man could compete well while mum and dad were away. Consistent lap times of 23,24,24 and 24 minutes were recorded for the first laps. At the start of the second section, Bodie was out after Richard Andrews, and seeing the rollover, kudos to him, stopped to render assistance. Once everyone was given the all clear, the crew got back in and were off and racing. Lap times of 29, 2×25, and 1 24 minutes were recorded, and compassionate time allowed, making his first lap another 24 minute lap.

James Madden/Paul Frank started way back, put the pedal to the metal, gave spectators some great viewing of racing, and charged around the track. The first four laps were all completed in 19 minutes and some seconds. A break was had, racing continued and the next 4 laps saw 2 x 20 minutes and 2 x 21 minutes recorded .

There was no more than half an hour between the first car crossing the finish line and the last of the slowest vehicles getting the flag. Was awesome to see, and meant everyone could go to the presentation to see those deserving of awards gain their trophies.

At the completion of the event, James Madden/Paul Frank finished in 4th o/r and 3rd in Pro Class, Bodie Tickner/Hayley Hook/Brenton Forsyth came 13th o/r and 2nd in Super 1650, Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm came 15th o/r and 3rd in Pro Lite, and Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone gained 16th o/r and 4th in Super 1650.

A fantastic effort to see the younger members doing so well, and gaining some recognition as great drivers/navigators. The track chopped up as usual, and it is no mean feat to get these vehicles around the track, let alone finish.

Congratulations to all who went the distance.

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