The Offroad Shop Sedan Top Track Short Course

Sponsor and entrant, #81 James Madden along with navigator Paul Frank were leading the event after the 2 races of 2 laps Saturday, with #80 Toby Reimann-Craig Hall 3rd, #176 Sam Daniele 6th, #412 Brett Reimann-Craig Redding 7th, #253 Sam Vanstone-Steven Vanstone 10th, #212 Clive Randall-Curtis Randall 11th, #36 Gary Curtis-Matthew Curtis 18th, #510 Patrick Garnaut-Peter Garnaut  21st, and unfortunately #271 Danny Cousins-Roy Eitzen blew their motor in prologue, and would take no further part in the event.

A twist in the format saw the starting order for Sunday’s races change at the completion of race 2, with competitors re-sorted by their fastest lap of the 4 completed Saturday. This saw #81 James Madden-Paul Frank relegated to 2nd on the grid, #80 Toby Reimann-Craig Hall 4th, #36 Gary Curtis-Matthew Curtis 6th, #176 Sam Daniele 7th, #412 Brett Reimann-Craig Redding 9th, #253 Sam Vanstone-Steven Vanstone 11th and #212 Clive Randall-Curtis Randall 13th.

Some fiercely determined competitors started out Sunday morning, trying very hard to regain position on the track. On the skyline, in front of the spectators, the jump proved very popular, and the longest of the day was 31 metres – #42 Wally and Maree Francombe, from Waikerie.

At the end of the event, which saw certain GRKCC members have shocker, tyre and power steering problems, the remaining 7 teams completed another 3 races of 2 laps each, to finish the event. #81 James Madden-Paul Frank were 3rd outright, and 2nd in Pro class (01:41:39.76), #176 Sam Daniele was 4th  outright and 2nd in Prolite class (01:49:31.88), #412 Brett Reimann-Craig Redding were 6th outright and  1st in Extreme 2WD (01:56:40.22), #80 Toby Reimann-Craig Hall were 7th  outright and 3rd in  Pro class(01:56:56.88), #212 Clive Randall-Lloyd Afford were 8th outright and 1st in Super 1650 (02:03:53.02), #253 Sam Vanstone-Steven Vanstone were 11th outright and 2nd in Super 1650(02:10:53.80), and #36 Gary Curtis-Matthew Curtis were 16th  (01:39:04.84 for 9 laps).

There were 18 finishers for the event, which is a remarkable feat in itself, given the nature of the track, which is very dry and quite rough in places.

A huge thankyou goes out to all involved, for making the event the success it was.

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