Tough conditions at ARB Mannum Enduro

The results sheet speaks for  itself.

Originally to be 29 entries for the weekend’s event, 2 pulled out, the #510 Garnaut/Garnaut team being one. #45 Connor Smith/Blake Smith rolled over on the same corner as Shannyn Fitzgerald did in 2013, and took no further part in the event. #445 John Smith/Treat Corvosso had issues and did not start section 1.

23 teams started section 2 Sunday morning. Conditions were dusty and windy, but no rain. Apparently the track was very hard on tyres.

#212 Curtis Randall/Clive Randall: 20:33.18 and 20:38.12,  were driving very consistently, but had gearbox issues during lap 3 in section 2, forcing them to retire.

#445 John Smith/Treat Corvosso split a fuel tank in section 1, which was fixed Saturday night, got 3 lap times in: 18:49.80, 18:36.12 and 26:12.80, and were forced to retire with broken steering during lap 4.

#711 Husband and wife team of Tim Margitich/Pam Margitich, in their first outing this year, completed 4 laps, 25:13.77, 24:10.66, 30:09.52 and 23:36.55, and retired on lap 5 after broken axle issues. They had a wonderful time, have friends now building new production class vehicles, and Pam may enter the ladies and juniors event.

#984 James Madden/Jamie Simpson had the following lap times Sunday. 15:53.20, 15:50.62, 18:49.33, 01:07:59.38 and 19:11.10. They had a water hose come loose Saturday. Sunday they did a lap with a flat tyre, and when that was changed, found there was a broken front arm. That was welded up and racing resumed, only to retire after breaking a drive shaft on lap 6.

#176 Sam Daniele drove consistently throughout 5 of his 6 laps: 18:56.27, 19:00.01, 19:39.18, 19:57.29, 01:39:26.79 and 19:37.71, had a horror lap 5 time, failing to finish lap 7.

The tussle for the weekend was to be between #253 Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone and #126 Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm. Robbie was in front after section 1, and still in front until lap 3, when tyre problems arose and his times dropped away allowing Sam, who drove very consistently throughout the day, to end up in front on times.

The end result in outright placings was #253 Sam Vanstone/Steven Vanstone in 7th, Robbie Ward/Daniel Ramm 8th, well done to both for an awesome effort.