Good Crack at Loveday 250.

Our members put in a stellar effort during the event.

There were 8 Observed License Tests, where drivers have to show they can control a vehicle before taking part in an event as a driver, and of these 8, 7 were GRKCC members. Congratulations to you all for completing this task, even though one had to do it twice, because her “navigator”, a licensed driver himself, forgot to point her in the right direction the first time.

Trialing another format for the event, the first lap, instead of being labelled Prologue, was included as part of the event. Results from this section were:

Blake Smith/Aaron Johnson 1st, Toby Reimann/Craig Redding 2nd, Bruce Muir/Mark Hendry 8th, Sam Daniele 13th, Bernie Stack/Rachael Dyrbridge 14th, Angelo Piani/Karen Lee 18th, Tyson Ramm/Daniel Ramm 19th, Ben Nixon/Tom Margitich 20th, Haydn Vanstone/Sam Vanstone 21st, Curtis Randall/Clive Randall 23rd. Matt Curtis/Jason Lloyd had fuel pump issues and John Smith/Connor Smith had transmission issues. Both these teams recorded no time, with the latter taking no further part in the event

Vehicles were then started 2 at a time for section 2, consisting of 3 laps of the 25km course. At the end of these laps, in which dust was to play a factor due to the closeness of vehicles, Toby Reimann/Craig Redding came in 2nd, Bruce Muir/Mark Hendry were 6th, Matt Curtis/Jason Lloyd (having fixed their fuel pump issues) were 11th, Sam Daniele was 12th, Curtis Randall/Clive Randall were 14th, Vernie Stack/Rachael Dyrbridge were 17th, Tyson Ramm/Daniel Ramm were 18th, Ben Nixon/Tom Margitich were 20th. Blake Smith/Aaron Johnson had a turbo hose problem, and Haydn Vanstone/Sam Vanstone had a vehicle losing oil, which saw both these crews fail to finish this section, with the latter out of the event.

Sunday morning dawned beautifully, and after consultation with the Stewards, for safety sake, vehicles were to be let off one at a time, 30 seconds apart, for Section 3, starting at 8:30 am.

Toby Reimann/Craig Redding started in position 2, and stayed in that position for the 3 laps. Bruce Muir finished this section 3rd (despite a gentle roll on the first lap out), Blake Smith/Aaron Johnson (after fixing their problem and starting way back in the field) finished 5th, Sam Daniele came in 7th, Matt Curtis/Jason Lloyd were 9th, Bernie Stack/Rachael Dyrbridge were 10th, Curtis Randall/Clive Randall were 12th, Angelo Piani/Karen Lee were 14th, Ben Nixon/Tom Margitich were 16th, Tyson Ramm/Daniel Ramm were 17th.

After the last vehicle crossed the line, there was a short break, with competition resuming at 10:40 am in Section 4. The gloves were off in this final section, with each crew making every second count, as it wasnt going to be first past the post who automatically one the event. At the completion of this section, Matt Curtis/Jason Lloyd came in 2nd, Toby Reimann/Craig Redding 3rd, Sam Daniele 6th, Bruce Muir/Mark Hendry 7th, Curtis Randall/Clive Randall 9th, Tyson Ramm/Daniel Ramm 11th, Angelo Piani/Karen Lee 12th, Ben Nixon/Tom Margitich 13th, Bernie Stack/Rachael Dyrbridge 14th (despite running out of fuel on the last lap). Sadly, Blake Smith/Aaron Johnson succumbed to gear box issues on the last lap, and did not complete the section.

After all the times were collated from each section, Toby Reimann/Craig Redding had placed 2nd O/R and 1st in Pro Class, Bruce Muir was 3rd O/R and 1st in Extreme 2WD, Sam Daniele was 5th O/R and 2nd in Prolite, Curtis Randall/Clive Randall were 8th O/R and 2nd in Super 1650, Angelo Piani/Karen Lee were 9th O/R and 1st in Extreme 4WD, Tyson Ramm/Damiel Ramm were 10th O/R (in Tyson’s 1st time out) and 2nd in Performance 2WD, Bernie Stack/Rachael Dyrbridge were 11th O/R and 1st in Superlite A. Matt Curtis/Jason Lloyd gained 12th O/R and 2nd in Pro Class, Ben Nixon/Tom Margitich (in their first time out) gained 14th O/R and 1st in Production 4WD.

All in all, the competitors, although very dusty, seemed to have big smiles on their faces, and the spectators hung around to the last. Everything seemed to work well, and if anyone has any feedback, do not hesitate to contact us and let us know.

Thanks to all those who helped at the event – Ian Mathison, Darrin Jocey-Prior, Bob & Barb Temby, Tom Collyer-Brahm, Murray and Julie Rogers, Meg Gosden, Bill Gower, St John, the people from Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park, the Recovery Crew and the Media.

Thanks also to the sponsors of the event, Gawler Bodyworks, The Offroad Shop, Paul Frank, Nizencool Airconditioning, P&D Insulation, Gary Curtis, D&D Motors, Unco Engineering and Meg Gosden.

Mustn’t forget to thank those who put items forward for raffle for drivers at the completion of the event – Doc Smith, Fourplay 4×4, Gawler Auto Pro and The Vanstones.

photos will follow, (when I can find some goodies.)