Ladies & Juniors

Another competition year over, and another Denise Gosden Memorial Ladies and Juniors event held.

The original date was put off due to much rain in the lead up of the event, but the field of competitors were not put off by this, and  arrived on the Saturday to have a great evenings fellowship around the camp area, before Sunday’s racing.

Sue Curtis/Zoe Hofrichter, lost a back wheel on lap 2.

Tina Holmes/Rod Holmes got in 6 laps, then retired.

Jamie Andrews/Lauren Andrews:- 1st in class and 2nd o/r, Haylee Hook/Bodie Tickner :- 5th o/r 2nd in class, and Justine Simpson/Nev Day :- 6th o/r and 2nd in class.

Thanks to David Batchelor, Tickner Motorsport and Summit Racing Team Car Club’s Facebook page for the photos below.

14632820_1153906691358949_518360044694690790_n 14641914_1815109182068621_4836633880974156801_n 14641964_1153906768025608_1754674974422366197_n 14680636_1153906558025629_7243107347439730360_n 14702460_1153906381358980_4111073870528368762_n 14705883_1447938655223751_6319434530279293189_n 14711592_692222890933008_6166438657306121875_o 14716181_1153906281358990_5922487325662862347_n 14720440_1447938625223754_6267147251905290996_n 14724555_1153906831358935_5850457020770040291_n 14725493_1153906581358960_2120708015359135083_n 14725586_1153906321358986_8254672497340499147_n 14729270_1153906291358989_3790725473248781382_n 14731303_10154619649944793_4028168366607619299_n justine-simpson-nev-day sue-curtis-zoe-hofrichter winning-line-up-2016