Muddy Mannum

The offroad season for points finished at the Mannum Enduro.

The club put on another good showing,  with 8 crews at this event.

The prologue track was shortened  from 8km to 3.5 km, due to to some sections becoming impassable because of  the amount of rain in the lead up to the event :-                                           #36 Matt Curtis/Jason Lloyd 3rd, #621 Toby Whateley/Simon Hermann 4th, #126 Robbie Ward/Shayne Ramm 6th, #623 Tony Whateley/Doug Carthew 8th, #176 Sam Daniele 11th, #253 Hadyn Vanstone/Sam Vanstone 12th, #212 Curtis Randall/Clive Randall 16th and #584 Tyson Ramm/Daniel Ramm 18th of the 27 entries.

Section 1, Saturday afternoon, was shortened from 23 km to 18km. #36 was still in 3rd position after the 3 laps of this section, with #176 moving from 11th to 6th, #126 moved back 2 positions to 8th, #621 had issues, moving him down to 12th, #584 improved up to 15th, #212 moved back 4 positions to 20th, #253 moved back 10 positions after having tyre trouble to finish 22nd, and #623 had a very slow first lap, did not finish lap 2, and took no further part in the event.

Competitors were advised that if there was no further rain,it might be possible to incorporate another 3 kms into the track length for Sunday’s section.

6 laps were travelled over for Section 2, and at the finish our competitors were:- #36 Matt Curtis/Jason Lloyd 4th o/r 3rd in class, #176 Sam Daniele 7th o/r 2nd in class, #212 Curtis Randall/Clive Randall 10th o/r 3rd in class, #253 Hadyn Vanstone/Sam Vanstone 12th o/r 4th in class, #584 Tyson Ramm/Daniel Ramm 13th o/r 2nd in class. Congratulations.                Commiserations to #125 Robbie Ward/Shayne Ramm, #621 Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann and #623 Tony Whateley/Doug Carthew who did not finish the event. sounds like all had fun.