No luck at Sealake

In among a field of 104 entries, our members prologued well at the recent Sealake event.  

The weather was good for racing, although very cold at night, with some water still lying around the track after rain during the leadup, and competitors enjoyed the fireworks display.

Starting positions for Sunday were as follows:- John Smith/Connor Smith 22, Toby Reimann/Craig Redding 32, Trevor Snow/Darrin Jocey-Prior 40, Bernie Stack/Rachael Durbidge 60, Corey Read/Katrina Read 77, Kim Reid/Kurt Reid 64 and Tyson Read in with Kain Reid 90.

In an unfair twist of fate, the event had no happy ending for any of them, and Kim Reid/Kurt Reid did not even get to start the event, due to steering issues.

The following were out on lap 1 -John Smith/Connor Smith with transmission issues, and Cory Read/Katrina Read, in their first attempt at the event, with head gasket issues.

On lap 2, Tyson Read in with Kaine Reid suffered overheating problems, Trevor Snow/Darrin Jocey-Prior had gearbox issues, and Bernie Stack/Rachael Durbidge were out after an off.

Toby Reimann/Craig Redding completed 4 laps, but had engine problems and did not go out for the 5th.