Valuable points gained at Waikerie Riverland Enduro

A fantastic effort by GRKCC members over the weekend.

18.5 crews entered this years event, and braved the wet, windy, wintery, weather.

The campground was packed again, with a large number of competitors braving the cold air to go into Waikerie for scrutineering on Friday night.

Saturday morning, most woke to  the sound of engines revving, with 4wd’s getting ready for the rekkie of the long track, followed by competition vehicles and rekkie of the prologue  track.

Prologue was sorted by the AORC Sporting Director this year, in the following order:- Production 4WD, Superlite A, Superlite B, Super 1650, Performance 2WD, Prolite, Extreme 4WD, Extreme 2WD and Pro Class.  Some excellent starts were seen, as well as a few fluffs. At the completion, the following placings were gained, #981 – 16th, #980 – 24th, #36 – 26th, #45 – 35th, #422 – 37th, #158 – 41st, #621 – 44th, #37 – 45th, #1126- 46th, #233 – 54th, #623 – 57th, #176 – 61st, #275 – 66th, #253 – 74th, #584 – 75th, #212 – 80th, Tyson Read in #529 – 86th, #510 – 87th and #506 – 89th.

After prologue was the top 10 shootout, and in the dash for cash, #981 came 2nd, #45 5th, #37 with Daryl Nissen driving, 7th and #981 10th.

Curfew came around quickly, and for most of the night, the sound of musical snores could be heard.

Sunday dawned briskly, with most up early to have vehicles in line on time. A bit of drizzle during drivers briefing, then it was all stations go to get in and buckled up for the 9.00 am start.

The crowd enjoyed the spectacle of the 30 second interval between 2 car starts, and some fierce rivalry was seen, with some giving not an inch after takeoff.

The SAORRA section of the event was 3 laps, with #510 and #506, as well as Tyson Read in #529 out on lap 1 with mechanical failure. They were followed in lap 1 by #275 and #176, also, i think, by mechanical failure. Next out was #623, on lap 2, and then, with the last section of lap 3 to go, #158, when the left back wheel parted company with the vehicle.

At the completion of lap 3, in quick succession, were finishers #36 -2nd o/r 2nd in class, #980 – 3rd o/r 3rd in class and #45 – 4th o/r 4th in class.  A little later, #233 – 8th o/r 2nd in class, #981-9th o/r 5th in class,  #422-10th o/r 1st in class and #37-12th o/r 6th in class, then #584-14th o/r 3rd in class, #253-17th o/r 6th in class, #212-19th o/r 7th in class, #1126-20th o/r 3rd in class and #621-24th o/r and 1st in class. 24 of 51 starters finished the SAORRA section.

Taking part in the AORC section were #233, #621 and #623, but with #623 out on lap 2, and #621 only completing the mandatory 3 laps to be classified as a finisher, it was left to the Tickner vehicle to fly the flag. A credible job at safe driving in difficult conditions saw #233 finish 10th o/r and 1st in class, and #621 finishing 27th o/r. 27 of 49 starters finished the AORC section.