2017 Richard Bennett Memorial Enduro

Brilliant weekend of competition at Parilla last weekend. The Richard Bennett Memorial Enduro had a great mix of vehicles, excellent weather (albeit a bit cool both nights) and awesome viewing in the spectator area. As usual, prologue and 2 laps Saturday, then 8 laps Sunday, with a half hour break between lap 4 and 5. Slowest vehicles off first, giving them the chance to finish within 1/2 hour of the fastest vehicles.

GRKCC had 7 crews competing, and after Prologue, out of 27 starters, positions were:- #936 Matthew Curtis/Gary Curtis/Jason Lloyd 1st, #621 Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann 5th, #623 Tony Whateley/Doug Carthew 7th, #37 Richard Andrews/Jamie Andrews 9th, #158 Trevor Snow/Darrin Jocey-Prior 10th, #176 Sam Daniele 15th, and #506 Rod Holmes/Tina Holmes 25th.

Richard Andrews/Jamie Andrews didn’t get a lap completed Sunday, suffering engine issues, and Sam Daniele had a flat tyre on lap 1, needing to be brought back under tow to change wheels, which put him way behind on time. Rod Holmes/Tina Holmes were out on lap 2 with steering issues and so were Tony Whateley/Doug Carthew, running out of belts for the Can Am.

The other competitors had brilliant runs, as seen in the following Sunday lap times:-

Matthew Curtis/Jason Lloyd

00:18:37.286 00:18:41.288 00:18:50.039 00:19:01.530 00:19:42.839 00:19:49.546 00:19:31.220 00:20:25.655

Total time: 03:09:35.747 for 10 laps

Trevor Snow/Darrin Jocey Prior

00:21:02.229 00:21:01.046 00:21:22.415 00:21:05.219 00:21:57.792 00:21:51.908 00:21:50.579 00:21:49.946

Total time:03:32:45.301 for 10 laps

Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann

00:25:57.587 00:20:37.321 00:20:31.085 00:25:45.460 00:22:41.407 00:23:17.279 00:23:41.251 00:24:06.460

Total time:03:51:47.235 for 10 laps

Finish results were: 1st Outright and 1st in Pro Class – Matthew Curtis/Gary Curtis/Jason Lloyd

4th Outright and 2nd in Prolite Class – Trevor Snow/Darrin Jocey-Prior

9th Outright and 1st in Superlite B Class – Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann

The next series round in S.A. will be Port Germein, 24/25 June 2017.