Busy Long Weekend in June

Clubs competitors were split in two directions over this years June long weekend.

The Finke Desert race gained  Bruce Muir/Mark Hendry, Tim Margitich/Tom Margitich, Ben Nixon/John Harkness, Damien Nash/Alex Turner/Wayne Cailes, Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann, Tony Whateley/Doug Carthew, Adam Bierl/Coen Bierl and Mark Petersen/Anja Strauss.

From over 120 entries, not a bad effort from us down south. As usual, the track proves it will get you when it wants to, with Adam Bierl/Coen Bierl, Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann and Tony Whateley/Doug Carthew not finishing the run down, but still arriving at the other end.  Ben Nixon/John Harkness were Out Of Time by .05 seconds. Of the others who made it down, Tim Margitich/Tom Margititch were 89th, Mark Petersen/Tanja Strauss were 78th, Damien Nash/Alex Turner/Wayne Cailes were 66th and Bruce Muir/Mark Hendry were 27th.

Overnight repairs would have been made well into the night, so as to be ready for the start back Sunday morning. Adam Bierl/Coen Bierl did not start the return journey, Tony Whateley/Doug Carthew did not make it back, so were not classified as a finisher. Ben Nixon/John Harkness made it back in 66th place, but were not classified as a finisher, and had they not been that .05 out of time, would have finished 73rd. Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann made it back in 67th place, and were also not classified as a finisher. Tim Margitich/Tom Margitich made it back in 78 place, putting them in 72nd overall, and the last classified finisher. Mark Petersen/Anja Strauss got back in 68th place, putting them 65th, with Damien Nash/Alex Turner/Wayne Cailes arriving in 59th, to put them 53rd overall. Veteran competitor Bruce Muir/Mark Hendry made it back in 21st place, giving him 19th overall. A pretty good result, and well done to all who tried hard to tame the beast.

The Hausler’s Sea Lake Mallee Rally gained Connor Smith/Simon Hall, Cory Read/Katrina Read, John Smith/Grant Manion, Matthew Curtis/Gary Curtis, Toby Reimann/Craig Redding, and Tyson Read navigating for Kaine Reid. The weather was absolutely perfect, with friday’s scrutineering starting a little earlier, and not being freezing cold.

After prologue was held, where a great crowd had gathered, and seeding was applied, Tyson Read in with Kaine Reid would start 84th,Cory Read/Katrina Read  73rd, Connor Smith/Simon Hall 72nd, John Smith/Grant Manion 36th, Matthew Curtis/Gary Curtis 9th and Toby Reimann/Craig Redding 10th. Some hairy moments were had by quite a few competitors.

Come Sunday, with the sun shining gloriously over the water on the lake, sadly Cory/Katrina Read’s son Tyson, navigating for Kaine Reid, would not start the event, with suspension issues from prologue. Toby Reimann/Craig Redding would also not start, a great disappointment to them. The event got under way, vehicles went whizzing past spectator points, and then Cory Read/Katrina Read were out on lap 1 with a damaged gearbox. Connor Smith/Simon Hall completed 2 laps then needed to retire the vehicle with CV issues. Matthew Curtis/Gary Curtis were absolutely on song for the first 2 laps, then suffered a split fuel tank on lap 3, putting them out of the event. John Smith/Grant Manion completed 4 laps, having issues throughout all, only to be out of time on their last lap, meaning they were not classified as a finisher.

It was sad to see than none of the guys at Sealake finished the event with a good result, but kudos to them all for having a decent crack.


As the saying goes:”There is always next year.”