Dusty Pt Germein

The club had five entries in the Auto Pro Challenge Pt Germein event, 24-25 June.

Sam Vantone/Jason Lloyd, Cory Read/Katrina & Tyson Read, Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann, Angelo Piani/Karen Lee and Tony Whateley/Doug Carthew
all made the trip north, or west, as the case may be.

Conditions over the weekend were windy, chilly even though the sun was out, and the track was dusty.

Angelo Piani/Karen Lee were out part way through section 2, followed by Cory Read/Katrina & Tyson Read, out at the end of section 2.

Tony Whateley/Doug Carthew had issues in section 3, giving him 26th O/R and 3rd in class, Sam Vanstone /Jason Lloyd were consistent in their lap times, giving them

8th O/R and 3rd in class, and Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann, having a horror lap in lap 2 section 2, were faster in the end than Vanstone/Lloyd, giving them 7th O/R and 1st in class.