Gawler Road Knights Loveday 250


Fabulous weekend weather wise, couldn’t have asked for better.

Scrutineering went well Friday night and Saturday morning, and the event proper started only 1 minute behind schedule. Having the chance to complete prologue twice was an option for competitors, with only a handful deciding they would. Due to that fact, the start time for the competition was brought forward by half an hour for both sections on Saturday.

#621 Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann, in just the second outing of the new CanAM Maverick X3, came 2nd in prologue, with  25:00.999, a bees whisker behind Daryl Nissen/Andrew Harness – 25:00.192, and showed they were out for blood right from the start. In 5th place, was #58 Ivan Schmocker putting in a good time of 25:50.573. #445 John Smith/Grant Manion were 9th, 27:57.157, #412 Connor Smith/Trevor Snow were 10th, 28:11.273, #711 Tim Margitich/Pam Margitich were 15th, 31:23.587, #768 Ben Nixon/Tom Margitich were 17th, 32:58.624, and new to the sport, #6637 Damien Nash/Wayne Cailes/Alex Turner were 18th, 33:05.729.

At the end of Section 2, 2 laps of the track, #621 Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann was in front, 50:19.507. #58 Ivan Schmocker still in 5th, 52:54.388, but brake and overheating issues resulted in the withdrawal from the rest of the event. #412 Connor Smith/Trevor Snow was 9th 57:51.690, #6637 Damien Nash/Wayne Cailes/Alex Turner had moved up 4 places to 14th, 1:05:49.443, #768 Ben Nixon/Tom Margitich was 16th, 1:08:19.132, with #445 John Smith/Grant Manion only getting 1 lap in due to steering issues, and #711 Tim Margitich/Pam Margitich having problems on lap 1 and running out of time.

Some repairs were made after section 2, getting ready for the following days competition, with lots of chatter around the campsite Saturday night. A few bitey things around, but nothing too bad.

After a short drivers briefing Sunday morning, competitors were lined up and ready to start. Right on time, they were off again. #621 Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann was again full throttle, out front and with clean air. They finished section 3 in 49:41.743, with #445 John Smith/Grant Manion back in 9th, 58:37.864, #6637 Damien Nash/Wayne Cailes/Alex Turner in 12th 1:05:09.613, #711 Tim Margitich/Pam Margitich in 14th 01:15:03.183, and sadly #768 Ben Nixon/tom Margitich not finishing lap 2 due to a lost wheel, and #412 Connor Smith/Peter Jenkins out of time.

There was half an hour between sections Sunday, which flew by, and once again, the vehicles which would start this section, 15 in total, were lined up. 5 of these were GRKCC entrants. #621, #6637, #711, #445 and #412. The vehicles flew around the track, all expecting to greet the chequered flag at the finish. This was to be the case for #621 Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann who finished in spectacular style, with huge air over the last jump, with a section time of 50:00.463. next was #6637 Damien Nash/Wayne Cailes/Alex Turner, with a time of 1:04:10.267, followed by #711 Tim Margitich/Pam Margitich, with a time of 01:07:32.949 (after getting time back when stopping to help at a rollover), and #445 John Smith/Grant Manion, with a time of 01:09:44.993. #412 Connor Smith/Peter Jenkins did not finish the first lap of this section, due to a rollover (well actually 2).

When all was done and dusted, GRKCC had 4 finishers, of which the results were, 1st o/r and 1st in Superlite A class – #621 Toby Whateley/Simon Herrmann – 2:55:02.712, 10th o/r and 1st in Superlite B class – #6637 Damien Nash/Wayne Cailes/Alex Turner – 03:48:15.046, #12th o/r and 2nd in Extreme 2WD class – #445 John Smith/Grant Manion – 03:03:56.153 (6 laps), and 13th o/r and 1st in Production 4WD class –  #711Tim Margitich/Pam Margitich – 04:26:40.584 (6 laps).

Vehicles needed to have completed 70% of the race distance to be classified as a finisher, meaning that #412, #768 and #58 were classed as DNF’s for this event. Here’s hoping they have better luck at their next event.

Congratulations to the winners, and all who participated.